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All tucked away for the winter…pictures from another fabulous season

Yes another season has come and gone…. Visitors from as far away as England and Japan and neighbours from Texas, California and Washington and some home soil guests as well! A season filled with incredible weather, great great fishing, beautiful sunsets, orca and humpback sightings, acrobatics by Franny our resident eagle ,( or was that Leo? :)) Old friends returned and new friends made. And of course some great fishing and great fish stories to tell.We had record high temperatures this summer and  one of the driest summers on record. Scary at times as there were many fires in BC, some affected us with smoke, everything seemed so tinder dry and ready to ignite.

We had record high temperatures this summer and  one of the driest summers on record. Scary at times as there were many fires in BC, some affected us with smoke, everything seemed so tinder dry and ready to ignite.This fall season has finally brought us the rain we need , as well as snow up in the mountains  this week which is great news. We completely lost the snow pack last summer. Our fish will be happy.

Now everything is buttoned up for the winter and preparations will begin again to open in the New Year….

Here are some photo memories of our season 2015…. Thanks to all our guests for choosing Steep Island….



In Full Swing

It’s been so far a very hot dry summer, more then we need really. Vancouver Island and surrounding islands are on full fire watch, level 4, something we are not used to. Highest temperatures and driest year on record. Makes for some beautiful hot days. The fish seem not to mind as we have brought in lots of Chinook so far.
Great to see repeat guests again and wonderful to meet the new comers!
Still some space available at the lodge and for our US friends our $ continues to be to your advantage….hovering around .21 for the last few months. No sign of it changing so there is built in 20% discount!
Here are a few photos taken by our guest T. Malone

Sunset off the Lido Deck
The Lighthouse at Cape Mudge
Nice fish Tom!
Fishing the south end……
Franny doing a performance!

The Gardens Are Calling


First signs of spring are here and it is time to hit the gardens and other preparations for the upcoming season….A little incentive for our American Friends, our Canadian $ is sitting at about .78 cents US…..Not to mention our beautiful summer weather, great fishing spectacular scenery, beautiful lodge and a trip of a lifetime! I will be ready!

A Happy and Prosperous New Year To All!

Today we are sitting in a fog bank….feels like a warm wool blanket keeping us from the biting cold a lot of the rest of the country is experiencing… far this winter is proven mild  with a few winds storms and no snow. Lot’s and lots of rain and many grey days with the occasional sunny day to take the blues away! Memories of summer faded and hopes of spring around the corner, with preparation for the new season to begin soon! IMG_0380


Fish Are Jumping!!!!

Fish fish fish, sunshine and great times!!! What a wonderful last few weeks we have had. Great weather, great fishing, great company and great food! Here are a few pictures that will tell the story!



Busy times on Steep Island

Although the weather hasn’t not been that co-operative this spring yet we have managed to put in a few gardens and the deck is close to being done. It is going to be beautiful and will add so much pleasure to the time spent up there watching sunsets, cruise ships and just enjoying the fantastic view.

Here are a few shots of the progress….IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0610 IMG_0611

First signs of spring....
First signs of spring….

Future Deck…..

photoIt’s been a long winter this year and another unusual huge snow dump (33cm) on Sunday and Monday which is now melting away quickly as the days get a bit warmer. Starting to see daffodils and crocuses popping out of the ground…..won’t be long. Just received the wood today to build the new deck up top! It is going to be gorgeous!!!!  Step one is done…getting the wood to Steep! I keep the updates coming!


December is here……brrrrrrrr

P1320810Things are just starting to get cold now…we had a spectacular Nov. hardly a breath of wind, unlike what we are used to, very little rain and a ton of sunshine. Temperatures are just starting to dip now into the freezing zone, but the sun is shining for now…Threats of snow in the air, certainly the mountains in the distance are well dusted…..always like a little snow, Steep is so beautiful on a fresh snow day.

Wanted to pass on this link for the Sport Fishing Institute web site…full of great information and interesting links for anyone interested in BC coastal fishing!


enjoy for now, Chantal