Another Fantastic Gourmet evening at Steep Island!

Saturday April 24th

Our first guests of the season arrived on Saturday for another combination dinner by Michelle of Cheddar and Co and wine tasting from the Quadra Island South End Farm Vineyards at Steep Island Lodge. What a delectable evening!

Michelle’s 6 course menu offered a mouth watering array of appetizers to dessert. An “amuse bouche”  guyerer cube with orange mint vinaigrette started off the meal followed by an Organic Beet and Greens Salad. Quadra Island Swimming Scallops with a delicate fennel, star anise sauce, a Rosewater Graniteto cleanse the palette to be followed by the entree; Local Island Bison Pan Seared Rib-Eye accompanied by Yukon Gold Wild Mushroom Pave and Smoked Tomato Romesco. DELICIOUS!  The meal’s finishing touch…a beautiful Chocolate Silkdessert with strawberry peppercorn compote, rosemary Madeline’s, gorgonzola.

Each course was pared with a bubbly, red or white wine and dessert wine presented by Ben and Jill of SouthEnd Vineyards of Quadra Island.

How lucky we are to have such great talent and passion right here in our own backyard! 



Michelle Cheddar & Co.




Ben McGuffie and Jill Ogasawara of SouthEnd Farm Vineyards

Thanks to all our guests for a wonderful evening!

Hurray it’s Spring

After a couple of weeks of some really “gnarly” (westcoast slang meaning nasty, ugly, windy, rainy, unsettled, the worst…etc) weather, wind wind wind, and cold coming from the snow covered mountains, it seemed like spring would never come; but as of yesterday we are heading into more spring like weather. Hurray! It is that time of year again to put in gardens, make any repairs and upgrades and generally get ready for the upcoming season.




We still have availability for this year and hope that those empty days fill up for what reports to be a great  fishing year! Don’t hesitate to contact us to book a memorable and adventurous stay at Steep Island.


Bute Tours:

We are offering Bute Tours again this year. Dates and activities will be confimed by May 1st. The trips this year are 2 night stay with more possibility of hiking, kayaking etc. Watch for futher information.

Cheddar & Co with Steep Island:

Our second dinner adventure in partnership with Michelle of Cheddar & Co is happening on April 24th. DInner extravaganza! It is sold out, but we are hoping to create more dates this spring. We have a potential date for May 15th right now, waiting to book in full. (update: 15th has been booked in full) If there is any interest for another delicious and fun filled evening please contact Michelle at Cheddar & Co. 250-830-0244


We are still working on the eagle cam. It is up and running, just have to get it to the web so that everyone can watch Franny and Leo (one pair of our 3 sets of resident eagles on the island). Here is a picture of what you will be able to watch live once we are set up. They are very busy now keeping the nest in order and are probably sitting on an egg or two as they seem to be keeping vigil all day long. It has been fantastic experience to witness them close up busy in their nest. I will send out a notice as soon as we have it operational for everyone to enjoy.



I leave you with a few garden photos with proof that spring is in the air….and the the island gets some colour! more to come….

Bleeding Hearts 








Wild Current
Wild Current
Chocolate Lily
Chocolate Lily
Blooming Maple
Blooming Maple
Cheers ’til next time…from Steep Island