Fish are jumping…..

Since the beggining of June, the fishing at the south end of Quadra Island has been experiencing a great return of Chinook salmon.  The Chinook being caught are legal size to over 30 lbs. Right now the best fishing is at the Lighthouse and the “Hump” on the ebb tide.

Fishing has also had some great returns north of the Narrows. Brown’s Bay, Deepwater Bay, Chatham Point and Greensea Bay have all been producing Chinook.

There is still opportunity to book a stay and fish… looks to be a fantastic fihsing season ahead for us.

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Halibut in the HOUSE!!!!!

June 10, 2010

The intention was a salmon, but what was on the end of the hook was a 35 lb Halibut! Our guest from Hollister CA was asked by his wife in the morning…please bring back a Halibut! and he delivered. With  great guiding by Scotty Anderson in spite of a slow morning at the “hump” (south end of Quadra Island), telling stories of a past halibut catch, no sooner was the story told when the rod bent down hard and there was no mistaking that there was a “flatty” on the end of the rod. After 15 min of hauling it was brought up to the side of the boat with cheers and high fives!!!!! A 35 pound halibut caught and brought up on salmon gear…that was not Scotty’s first! Two years ago for our long time client Pat D. an 85 lb was hooked in the same manner in the same spot….Way to go Scotty and Stan…..

The fish are here! and so are the fishers…..

June 3 2010

Our first fishing guests of the season have arrived and inaugarated the fish table with a couple of beautiful chinook. Inspite of the poor weather and wind guide Jon Reynolds was able to get fish in the boat, a few good misses and a double header….Great way to start the season and a promising outlook at this years fishery!

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